All in a days work….

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. A cracked rib. Ever had one? It’s the most painful thing I have probably ever experienced. It hurts to breathe. You’re probably wondering how I got said cracked rib, right? Well, here’s the funny part….. I coughed too hard. Yeah, you read that correctly. I. Coughed. Too. Hard….. and I cracked a rib. If there is a God, and he made me go through that awful week of having the flu, he probably thought, “eh, I dont think this is enough punishment for her daily sins…. lets go just a little further.” And here I am, barely able to breathe without a stabbing sensation ripping through my torso. Oh, and I still have the cough, too. Double whammy. Now imagine that, and still having to run a store (basically by myself today). Couldn’t sit down for 5 minutes just to painfully breathe in peace. Nope, none of that happening. Then, my boyfriend’s psycho ex fling came into the store. Psychotically and awkwardly trying to hold conversation. Like I wanted any part in THAT. I don’t even like holding much conversation with the people that don’t bother me, much less that crazed lunatic. But on a good note, my store manager took like a 4 hour lunch today. It was fabulous. Any time shes gone for an extended period of time (or just off in general) it’s a good day. No micro managing. Just me being able to do what I have to do, no questions asked. I really enjoy my job sometimes… sometimes. I think I went wrong by trying to move up. Because trust me, once they threw a management position at me, it was basically the end of my cheerful 8 hour shifts, and hello 10 hour stress tests. And half the time I get to take the stress home with me, too. However I’ve invested too much time, and I don’t have the patience to start all over, at the bottom getting the shit end of the stick again. Sigh. So I guess I’m stuck. And I hate that feeling.

Anyway, I should probably hop into bed at this point. 5 am rolls around pretty quick. Until next time…….


2 thoughts on “All in a days work….

  1. Moving up is always a good thing. You never want to be an achiever. One must over achieve to truly reach their true potential. Sorry for the cracked rib. Stop being so powerful. Hopefully its healed. You know. Considering it was over a year ago

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