Jesus Christ on a cracker.

I seriously harbor the worst luck imaginable. I’ve been trying SO HARD to get another vehicle. Can’t catch a break though. Somehow, though, when I let a dealership run my credit, they tell me that they “can’t get a score”…. I have no idea how this is possible, considering I’ve had a car note and about 4 credit cards when I was like 18. But, that’s what they told me. Are you ready for the irony of it all though? They said “We can take your down payment, only thing that’s stopping you is you need someone to co-sign”. Now, I can imagine you saying ‘what’s so ironic about that?’ , right? Here’s how. Only thing stopping me from getting a car is that I need someone to like me enough to be able to stick their neck out to help me, and I’m probably like, the most un-liked person on the planet. Fuck me. Just fuck me. My ‘dad’ won’t help me, not that I really blame him. I’m waiting to hear back from my sister. But I doubt she would either. That’s a really big, long lasting favor to ask of someone. A really big, long lasting favor that could potentially fuck up their entire life if it were to end badly. I’ve tried personal loans, Federal Credit Unions, the whole 9. And still nothing. Nada. Zilch. Running into brick wall after brick wall.  It’s depressing, but really, I did it to myself. You reap what you sow and all that jazz. If I had been smarter when I was younger and thought about how my actions would effect me when I was older, I probably wouldn’t be in this predicament right now. However, I guess it doesn’t help any by wallowing in it. I just gotta figure something else out.

Other than that, nothing new has surfaced. Still got the cracked rib and I can still hardly breathe. I’m out of my cough medicine though, which sucks. And my xbox isn’t working correctly, so no netflix for this girl. I’m off today though, so I don’t have to deal with that crapshoot. I’m also reading the Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick. I remember a few years ago I thought it was the greatest set of books on the planet. However now, while I am still enjoying it, it sees as though it’s a bit teeny-bopper-ish. I don’t know, maybe my taste in literature has changed. Nora is just so god damned whiney. And she’s just totally and utterly obsessed with Patch. It’s almost annoying. Like, why don’t you find a hobby? I get now she’s the leader of this Nephilim army, but do you REALLY think sneaking out to be with your forbidden fallen-angel love interest and going to bars to see bands play and you know, just being out in the GENERAL PUBLIC when you don’t have to be is a little idiotic at this point? Bitch, fallen angels are trying to FORCE YOU TO SWEAR FEALTY! They want to KILL YOU. But, you know, sure! let’s go out to a fallen angel bar and see your Nephilim bff play in a band. Makes TOTAL sense. Just because your badass boyfriend is near to save you at any given second, doesn’t mean you should put it to the test EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. The guy has OTHER shit to do. Like hunt down the people trying to kill you, like looking for Blakely, you remember him, don’t you? The one who STABBED YOU with a KNIFE infused with DEVIL CRAFT. But yeah, Patch has your back so, don’t sweat it. It’s whatev.

Jeeze, I sure am in a pissy mood. I blame the lack of coffee and caffeine in general. I also blame the fact that I TOTALED MY FUCKING CAR. Jesus Christ on a cracker. It blows serious donkey dick. A bitch just needs a little help every now and again, ya feel me???? Well, I guess I’m gonna go back to reading. I suppose I’ve bored you all enough for one day. See ya!


2 thoughts on “Jesus Christ on a cracker.

  1. Not at all boring. I will admit, life seems to only throw you curveballs and Im only on the third blog post. Also, why is this on and again off again boyfriend from your introduction not helping. He should be on permanently and helping you get on with your life. If not, he needs to get off the train.

    Also, that books series. wtf? Is it just an amalgam of anything and everything? It seems chaotic.

    Anyway this is getting interesting. You are a unique soul.

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    1. That on again/off again boyfriend has been an off again boyfriend for some time now. Officially off the train lol, but if you keep reading you’ll see I got a new guy and I just have bad luck.

      And thank you. ❤️


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