Erroneous Decisions.

Most people say they have to see something to believe it. But what if they refuse to see? What if they ignore all the signs that are shouting “Look! Look this way! The truth is to your right!” and they consistently, purposefully, look left? What if you are caught in the middle of your moral high ground and being a supportive friend? Sometimes, our friends and loved ones make god awful decisions. I know that personally, I bare my share. You can tell them over and over and over, and over again, that it’s wrong. That it makes you uncomfortable to be involved. That you want them to be happy, but they need to stop riding the wave and make a ground decision- regardless of what they may or may not lose. Only to have them, in the end, do what ever it is that they want to do, and get mad at you for telling them the truth? How do you get out of it? How do you separate yourself from the impending doom, the shit storm that is about to hit? When knowing that, while you are not the one making these life choices, you will surely, positively, 100% without a doubt be affected? When your own livelihood is at stake? It’s almost like being a child amidst the whirlwind of their parents divorce. It’s inequitable. It leaves you anxious and apprehensive, knowing that quite possibly tomorrow, today, any second – every thing that you have worked so hard to achieve could come tumbling down. It could all be over in the blink of an eye. This is the calm before the storm. And no matter what you do, or what you say, in the end you will be left looking at the destruction and carnage the tornado has left in its wake. Your friends. Your career. Your life.



2 thoughts on “Erroneous Decisions.

  1. This is ominous. Im not liking where this is going.

    But to answer your question, you must be like a plant. Im not sure of your beliefs, but religious or not, God or not, I will be using the perspective of Christianity, if that offends you, tough, you can delete this comment and tell me to stop reading. I’ll respect that. But I say what I need to.

    You are a plant. God is a gardener. He wants to see you bear fruit. I know, the curve balls are hard to take and you seem to take quite many of them. But I believe you are being made strong for a purpose. Many people believe God strengthens those to do great and mighty things. And I believe he does. Just not always in the spot light. He’s making you be strong for those who won’t be able to be on their own. He’s making you a strong pillar in your community. It hurts being that person. Being someone who is always relied on. But I know it makes you a better person and you will handle it.

    So when these people are bad and toxic, you sometimes have to let them drop. You have to help those willing to be helped and not waste strength on those who don’t listen. Its a hard lesson to learn, emotionally. But it is needed

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    1. This does not offend me in any way, shape, or form. One of my best friends is religious and we talk about it all the time.

      I appreciate the advice and will take something away from it. Thank you, and keep reading!


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