A Wolf in Sheep’s clothing.

“What we don’t need in the midst of struggle is shame for being human.” –Brene Brown

It’s been just over 9 hours since I left work, and I am still vehemently enraged. Where do these people come from? What is this company that I work for? Am I supposed to just figuratively shit on people and not care about their well being or their lives? Just boss them around?  Tell them what to do and how to do it and just be a complete prick? To not listen to them when they tell me that they have doctor’s orders not to do certain things? Am I just supposed to tell them that I still need them to do things because it’s for the good of the company? Become cold hearted, arrogant and ignorant? No. I cannot and I will not do these things. I will not sacrifice who I am as a person, my integrity, my compassion and my passion, to move up in a company that will get rid of me tomorrow and not give two fucks. What’s sad is I actually believed I found friends out of this ordeal. People who I thought were good. People that, at the end of the day, cared about me as a person. But no, it’s about the company. And I’m sick of it. It’s bull shit, this situation is bull shit and these people are bull shit. I have enough going on in my life, I don’t need just another inconsiderate shit defending a crap company and an even crappier person running it.

Why do I get the feeling that I’m in this alone? Sadness weigh’s heavy on my chest right now. What’s the point anymore? And what is it with people?  I have to believe that there’s good out there still. There must be, right? Not every one can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


2 thoughts on “A Wolf in Sheep’s clothing.

  1. No. In fact, there are people who do care and want to see the best for you. I wish I knew you IRL and at the time this was happening. Little miss bitch would get a swift “Waah-Chow” right in the cooter. Hopefully you two don’t turn friends later on in this blog. Would turn out awkward with the karate move to her vaginal area.

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