Where Have All The Good People Gone?

It’s suddenly so quiet. My phone has rang twice today. That’s it. All of the lights are off – with the lone exception of the illumination from this computer screen – the fan is on max level (5), there’s a small dog at my feet and the silence…. it’s so loud. I’ve said this before in a previous post but I am going to say it again. Sometimes, when I write it’s like a weight lifted off of my shoulders. Other times, I feel a heavier burden than when I initially came. But right now it feels good. The clicking of my keyboard and the sound of the oscillating fan can be compared to one of those handheld horns that annoyingly ignorant people blow at graduations. I guess why I am here right now  is because I’m just lonely. I’m not even sure if I will post this or  not but it feels so good to be doing something. Something other than crying over what I’ve lost or pining over things and people that I will never have. Something other than watching the cars go by outside of my apartment or suffering over each word written in this awful book. Something other than lighting a cigarette and praying – yes, actually praying – for the will power for it to be my last one. Something other than asking myself :

“Where have all the good people gone?”



2 thoughts on “Where Have All The Good People Gone?

  1. They exist. Sometimes you just have to reach out to them. Again, you have to go for life, not let it come to you. Climb for success. Strive for greatness. Reach out for the good. The good people exist. I promise they do.

    Someone, somewhere must have tried to do something nice for you. Saved you somehow. No one gets this far in life and hasn’t been helped or saved. Remember them. Those people. And know that they still exist. You just may have to call them first.

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