F*$% Today

I just finished binge watching Scandal. Took me 1 week to get completely caught up and ready for tonight’s episode. With that being said, I feel….


I have no idea what to do with my life now. I’m officially bored. I need something else to watch. But… what? What is going to fill this gaping hole that this television show has left me with? I feel like I did with the last episode of The Walking Dead. Searching Netflix and Hulu for something new. Something that is going to quiet the hunger. I just started House of Cards. Hopefully it’s going to suffice.

Also, the new neighbor’s child set the apartment complex on fire. Fucking little asshole pyromaniac. Had the whole complex sitting out by the road watching the firefighters try to extinguish what the little arsonist had started. Fortunately for me, they caught it by the time it reached my side of the building. They weren’t able to catch it before it knocked out the electricity and burned up all the cable and internet wires. Those son of a bitches were crisp. And not having electricity or air conditioning or WIFI!? That’s real first world problems.

I’m just feeling a little crossed today. I’m annoyed and what makes it even worse is that it’s been about 24 hours since I’ve heard from my ‘boyfriend’. How do you just ignore someone’s messages? Let me do that shit and all hell would break loose. But I guess double standards are an acceptable thing. As long as I’m jumping when I told jump and barking when I’m told to speak. Right?

Fuck today.



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