Boring and Bland.

Today was very boring and bland. I was supposed to have plans but those were canceled. I carefully and casually made myself up all for it to go down the tubes. I guess that was partly my fault. Instead I went and picked up yet another new medication. This time it’s Ambien. I took one around 6pm and I’m still not sleeping. What a waste. I’m going to ask my doctor to just go back to doubling up on something else that actually works for me.

Have you ever had someone that’s upset or angry with you and you’re not really sure why? Turning it over and over it your head, wondering exactly what you’ve done? It’s absolutely frustrating. And if I keep asking whats wrong, or whats going on, I get told I’m nagging. Like what in the fuck, right?

Anyway, I’m rewatching Dexter again. I’m on season 2 which is such a good season. I hated Rita in the first season but she’s really grown on me. And I’m so in love with Michael Hall. Jesus, he’s one good looking man.

Eh, I took all my medication and it’s starting to kick in. So I’ll catch you guys tomorrow.

xoxo B

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