The Lefty Who Likes Cats.

That’s what my friend described me as. And not lefty as in left handed, she means lefty as in Left-Winged. Democrat. Or as many of my Right-Wing friends like to call me, a “Socialist”.  That last part makes me laugh. I don’t know, maybe it’s just completely…. ‘Left’ of me, but I don’t believe that building a wall is any answer. Who know’s though. I guess we will see where this non-politician POTUS will lead us… I’m trying to be open minded about it.

Side note, my store manager fired like, 3 people in two days. And last I left the store it was mid-shift and I took a Leave of Absence. I’m not her favorite person on the planet. In fact I’m 98.7% sure that she loathes me. My anxiety is telling me that I’m on the chopping block. Other people that I work with are even telling me to get a transfer. And I know that’s probably for the best. To step down and go somewhere I may be safer. But that god-damned stubborn part of me is sticking out my chin and sticking the middle finger to ‘The Man’.  The stress is getting to me for real. I don’t know what to do, and the only person I trust to give me A1 advice hates me and doesn’t talk to me. So I’m stuck making my own big girl decisions. AKA I’m going to end up 110% fucking myself; and not in the good, sexy way.

I have no idea what to fucking do with myself. Or my life. Can someone, anyone, give me a pointer or two?

xoxo -B

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