When it rains, it pours.

Yesterday was SUPER shitty. Here’s a recap.

I woke up thinking, alright. My friend is letting me use her car so I can get to and from work while I save up to get a car. I’m going to be to work ON TIME. It’s going to be an okay day.

Well, I was fucking wrong my friends. It was raining. I HATE driving in the rain. Nothing good has ever come from me driving in the rain. I constantly hydro plane in the rain. I totaled my car in the rain. This day was no different. I broke down on a one way bridge, in the rain. It was so fucking scary. Have you ever been in a situation where you literally can’t think? Or plan? Well I haven’t, until that moment. I couldn’t even formulate what to do first. So, I did what automatically came to mind first. Call the guy who constantly saves my ass EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I get into any type of shit. Woke him up out of a dead sleep. I didn’t call the cops. Or a tow truck. Or my friend who’s vehicle I was in. I sat there, in the middle of this one lane scary ass bridge, outside of the car – IN THE DAMN RAIN – with cars driving around me going 65/70 mph. Calling someone who’s miles away to tell me what to do and to come save me. He did, by the way. He picked me up and drove me all the way back home to clean myself up, and brought me all the way back to work. My poor friend had to pay God know’s how much money for a tow truck and who know’s how much to fix her car. I am just convinced at this point that I am bad luck. Nothing good comes when it crosses it’s path with me. Friends. Relationships. The whole 9.

I am pretty sure my life is just one giant joke at this point.

I managed to make it into work today for 7am. Thanks to my savior from the previous day. I worked almost 12 hours, mainly due to the fact that I was stuck at work with no ride or money to make it home. Thankfully my friend (who’s car I mysteriously broke) still somehow likes being involved in my life and brought me home. Silver linings I suppose. And now here I am, sitting at home. Fretting over how I’m going to get to and from work on Friday.

I need to get my life together. Shit.

xoxo – B

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