Why does love have to be so hard? I just don’t understand it. It’s like one step forward, 8 steps back. Maybe I’m just the weird one who always wants to be there, and be supportive. Maybe I’m the weird one that wants to spend time with my significant other more than once a week. How do you confess your  love for someone and then completely back away 100%. Especially when I’m in a time of need. And then a week later want to come back around like nothing ever happened. These are people’s emotions you’re dealing with here. This is real life. Betrayal comes in all way, shapes, and forms. I am torn between doing what I want and doing what is right. Either way though, my heart will be left broken once more.

“If your absence doesn’t affect them, your presence never mattered”



3 thoughts on “Betrayal.

  1. You’re worthy of what it is you want. It is hard to live with the fact that we want people more than they want us. But it is never a good idea to think that something is wrong with you for needing what you need. Absence is a choice as much as presence and support is. xo

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