I try really, really hard to be good at my job. I know some days I slack, and lately I haven’t had a good run with luck which in turn affects my job performance, but for the most part, I do my best. With that being said, with the ONE thing that I am limited on due to health issues, I am told that if I cannot “perform my job description” I “must find another roll” is almost like someone spitting in my face. I am so enraged at this point that I am ready to quit. How the fuck dare you come at me like that? And AFTER the fact that I did the “job duty” that I wasn’t supposed to do-for my own sake? I did it, didn’t I? What? You don’t like the fact that I told you “hey, I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be doing this even though I’m not supposed to?” So you want to print out the official job performance and tell me that if I have a problem I have to find another job? And then tell me “oh, but I care about you as a person”

Bitch, first of all, FUCK you. Fuck you fuck you fuck you. You condescending, ignorant fuck. I like how you want to “have a chat” after I completed the task. Thinking you’re slick. I’m about to officially become the most lazy piece of shit you have ever seen. Ever. And I DARE you to write me up, because 90% of the store doesn’t get written up for being pieces of shit, also.

Why do I even try? When it’s never appreciated or noted.

I really just want to punch someone in the fucking face.


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