Some People.

I never knew so many people hated me. A part of me wants to laugh at the situation. I mean, I thought the majority of these people genuinely liked me. Well, like Doakes from Dexter said…

“Surprise Mother Fucker!”

And what a surprise, indeed. The people that I thought were friends, or well known acquaintances, have officially turned on me. Why? I’m not exactly sure. They say it’s favoritism. I personally feel like now that we have the big bad wolf out of the building, they need a new person to hate. A new person to target. However the question at hand is – Why me? Why the only people who look out for you?

There’s this saying. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” Not that I physically feed anyone. But I do feel like I help people a lot. So the hurt and confusion that comes with throwing me under the bus runs deep. The petty part of me wants to go back and bring everyone’s dirty laundry into the light. Go back with a vengeance. But I cannot, in good faith anyway, do that. So how to act to these people? Pretend that nothing is wrong? I suppose I could do that. To keep the peace anyway. But no, that’s not something I’m going to do. I could be completely, utterly, and strictly professional. Follow every single little rule that there is and hold people accountable for cutting corners. However that might backfire on myself. I could myself be held for accountability when it comes to productivity. Am I willing to do that? Be written up for keeping my integrity and being slow at it? I guess that’s something that I will have to sit on and mull over.

I’m going to end this post with a quote from Scandal.

“Some people bark. Some people bite. I do both”


xoxo -B

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