I should feel that right about now. Relief. However I don’t. I feel anxious. More than that. I feel worried about just EVERYTHING. Money. Work. I got the car back today. So far it seems alright. I hope it stays that way. But I’m even having anxiety about that. I mean, the two times I drove it, it died on me. But I’m hoping those bad days are just over. I got a new job. They called me and told me what they were going to pay me. I guess that’s why I’m feeling anxious at the moment. Money. Why does everything revolve around fucking money? It keeps me up at night. It’s making my palms sweaty right now. I’m going back to work at Wal-Mart tomorrow. Officially put in my two weeks with a new store manager I haven’t met yet. That also makes me feel like I’m going to vomit. It’s also bitter sweet, to say good bye to a company I’ve put so much time and effort into. I’m going to miss a few of the friend’s I’ve actually made there, too.  But I’m hoping that I’m making the right choice and I’m moving onto bigger and better things.

I’m hoping that my future is going to look a little brighter than it is now.

xoxo -B

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