I did it. I survived my first day at a new job. I hate being new. I mean, you’re awkward. You don’t know shit. There’s always that one asshole you work with that gives you a hard time. I didn’t learn anything. I basically just stood there and watched someone activate phones for 8 hours and felt uncomfortable as hell. But it’s over. Thank God. I think once I catch on, learn the ropes, I’ll really like it a lot. But for now my anxiety will just have to stay at an all time high. Tons of things keep running through my brain. How long will it take me to catch on? What if I fuck up? Who can I trust? And who is the best person to learn from? Honestly I’m doing no good by just watching. I have to get my hands dirty. But I’m also petrified to do so. And nothing makes learning and being new worse than a dick co-worker. I guess it was a rough first day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better.


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