Finally. The last day of this training course. It’s been a miserable week. For someone who is shy like me, these types of courses are mentally draining. There’s role playing and group activities. It’s possibly the worse thing that could ever happen to someone with social anxiety. The first two days I threw up in the bathroom and all week for lunch I hid in the parking garage, having mild panic attacks. It was the absolute worst. But today is D-Day. The final day and while I should find comfort in that, I do not. The last day is usually where you have to stand up in front of the class and tell everyone what you’ve learned or “act out scenarios” based off of what you’ve learned all week. On the first day we had to introduce ourselves and we were recorded. Yes, you read that correctly. RECORDED. So that way we could go back and watch ourselves on how we interacted. Completely and utterly mortifying. If I had to guess we’re going to do that again today, to see if our body language and how we engage is any better than the first day. I’m already sweating just thinking about it. I honestly don’t know how I’ve made it this far.

In other news though, I’m hoping that after today’s fiasco is over and done with, I’ll be able to go and pick up my cat from my apartment and bring her over to my boyfriends house where I’ve currently been residing. He wants me to move in. I’ve been thinking A LOT about it lately and I think I’m going to do it. I pretty much live here already and I’ll be able to save money since I won’t be paying for a place that I haven’t lived in in over 4 months now.

Well, I guess I should get going so that way I’m not late to this bullshit and have to dance to “I’m a little tea pot”. Yes, the coordinator makes you do that when you are late. It’s embarrassing.

I suppose I’ll update you later on how everything goes. Or doesn’t go.


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