When the rain falls


Seeing a Dark cloud roll in can be scary and exciting all at once. Dark clouds bring rain, thunder, wind, lightning, and sometimes destruction. Has anyone actually imagined what it was like to be inside that dark cloud? Perhaps you have wondered how it is created. What do you think of when you see a dark cloud and how does it make you feel? This is what it’s like for me.

It is such a satisfying feeling to hear rain. Rain brings growth and richness. Although rain can cause floods, if you get to much of it, but the right amount brings joy for everything that it touches. It’s what happens when a thunderstorm is with rain that causes us to get nervous. On a weather radar you will see red, yellow, and green. Green means it’s just light rain. Yellow means that it’s a regular downpour with some wind…

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One thought on “When the rain falls

  1. I like the optimism in the midst of despair. A dark cloud is almost always associated negatively. But knowing it has to come before the sun or that it makes you appreciate the sun more is a great way of thinking. You are truly a beautiful soul and woman and I am glad you are able to be happy even when it seems the deck is stacked against you. You are an amazing woman and a great role model for anyone.

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